Everyone has a story and we believe sharing them is the best way to grow as a community.


Sammy Figueroa

When the hard season comes, cling on to hope even when you don’t feel it. How do you do that? Try to ACT upon that hope. Hope will move you forward, even when it’s temping to stay stuck or move backwards.

Anelys Tuin

Take a moment to ask God to reveal to you the source of any pain or fear that you may feel or may have felt. Allow yourself the vulnerability to “feel,” the openness to mourn if you need to, and the patience to wait for God’s revelation.

Gabriel Shriver 

As you’re going through your week doing things, ask yourself “who am I looking to for validation as I’m doing this?”

Jolene Nava

No matter how hard the relationship or situation is... remember God is ALWAYS with us, to the very end of age. Try to remember daily that... You need just as much grace as your stubborn child does. Your employee needs just as much encouragement as you do. Your sibling will need to be rescued as many times as God has had to rescue you.

Geoff Samuels

It’s important to take a step back and point the mirror inward. Honestly ask yourself if you’ve been just going through the motions. I know there are plenty of people in our community that are willing to help! We all need it.

Anna Correia

Find an action that you can do in private or when no one is looking that is the opposite of the negative feeling you just got. Your brain will tell you “no you can’t” but physically nod “yes” even if you can’t utter it (example). 

Rob Harmon

Reach out to someone you trust with accountability - like a mentor or sibling in Christ. Ask yourself how this person can challenge you, whether spiritually or otherwise. Then actually ask them to do it.